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Our child has attended Power of Play social groups for a few months- he absolutely loves coming Saturday mornings. Both therapists go above and beyond to make the children feel included, engaged and inspired to socialize! The lessons, centers, movement activities and songs keep the kids interested and having fun! Jen and Leigh-Anne are masters at bringing language out of the children, getting them to interact and socialize with one another. They take the time to learn each child's strengths and needs- then tailor the activities to each child's learning style. My husband and I are both educators and have worked with many therapists both in our professional careers and for our child. The therapists at Power of Play are exceptional- the absolute best we've worked with! I cannot say enough great things about our experience with Power of Play- we are so grateful to have found them!!"

"Bringing my child to Power of Play has been a wonderful experience. The quality and effort provided during the sessions helped encourage my child to use language, socialize, and make deeper connections. Both therapists are knowledgeable and go above and beyond to keep the sessions enjoyable for all the children. I also love the strategies they provide us and the take-home activities. As an educator, I would highly recommend Power of Play to any family whose child needs a social/language group."
- Lauren

What is a Feeding Group?

Power of Play Groups is excited to offer feeding groups which are designed to increase your child's exposure to a variety of novel food in a peer setting. Food is presented in a way that directly involves your child making decisions about what to touch, taste and smell. This empowerment instills confidence and willingness to explore new foods. Each month, our food lists follow a food theme to assist with familiarizing your child with a variety of food. Each food on the list is paired together by color, shape, temperature, or food type. Your child will be walked through the steps of touching, smelling, licking, and biting each novel food. Our feeding groups are separated into varying times and days based on their age and ability level.

Who benefits from Feeding Groups?

Feeding groups are beneficial for children who have a limited amount of food in their diet and are open to the idea of interacting with a variety of food in a peer setting. Exposure to foods benefit children who are considered 'picky eaters' due to a variety of reasons including oral motor deficits, tube feeding, psychological aversions and more.

What activities do you do in this group?

During our feeding groups, parents assist their child with exploration of foods through all of the senses. Participation may include mixing and baking, edible art, and fun! Your child will be introduced to each food by talking about how it feels, looks, and smells while walking your child through the steps of touching, smelling, licking, and tasting the novel food presented.

When are the feeding groups offered?

Call for the most current schedule in your area.

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